Happy April North Enders! As winter comes to an end, I’m turning my attention to the condition of our neighbourhood sidewalks and am thrilled to let you know that I’ll be investing in repairing sidewalks across Ward 2 over the spring and summer months. As the part of the city with the most used sidewalks, the highest density of pedestrian areas, and the most folks with disabilities, investing in our pedestrian infrastructure is vital. I’ll be continuing to invest Ward 2’s minor maintenance budget over this term of Council to ensure that they’re in a much better state of repair.

Speaking of sidewalks, I heard from many North Enders about the long duration and low quality of sidewalk snow clearing over the winter months. I take your concerns seriously and will do whatever I can to ensure that next winter is better for everyone, especially those in our neighbourhood who need to get around on our sidewalks. This is something that I know my colleagues heard about and that they will also be turning their attention to when we review the sidewalk pilot with City staff this year.
For those who have been following what’s happening on Strachan Street East with both the Mary Street Bridge and the trees along the CN Railway tracks, I have some good news to share. The replacement of the bridge’s working surface is ready to go, we’re just waiting for CN’s availability to get the work started (it has to be done in collaboration with CN flaggers).

After the trees were cut down along the rail tracks without notice to the City or the neighbourhood, I’ve had a chance to meet with CN, Metrolinx, and City staff on a tree replacement plan. The replacement plan will not only include replanting along the rail line where trees were cut down, but in other local spots. I don’t have definite timelines on either of these 2 replacement projects, but will let you know as soon as I do.

Since my last update, I held my first Ward 2 Neighbourhood Town Hall on March 8. We had a great turnout, some good food, and a lively discussion including great questions from North End residents. It was my first chance to honour this campaign promise and I look forward to getting to every single neighbourhood before the end of the year. Our next town hall will be at the end of May in the Central neighbourhood at Bridgeworks, then in Corktown in June, Durand in August, North End in October, and Stinson in December.

As always, the Ward 2 Team is here to support you. Please reach out to us at Ward2@hamilton.ca or through our office phone number at (905) 546-2197 and make sure to spend some time visiting www.ward2hamilton.ca to sign up for our newsletter and view my public calendar.