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I double dare you!

A couple of weeks ago I heard a loud, odd ‘squaaawk auwkkkk’ and looked up to see two huge Red tailed Hawks in the top branches of our big old Maple trees. That may not be unusual in some areas, but we live in the downtown core,...

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This is Your Street…

By Brian Roulston Mary Street was at one time considered a major street to the old Port of Hamilton; it was once called Gore Street named after the Gore District here in Hamilton. The street was later renamed Great Mary Street...

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Whats’s Cooking

Pasta Primavera Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time  35 minutes  Servings  6 Ingredients Broccoli – coarsely chopped Zucchini Carrots Peppers (assorted colours) Garlic Onion Canned tomatoes Penne pasta Olive oil Salt Instructions...

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Volunteers Needed!

Moving forward, The Breezes is looking at new ways to stay afloat! A solid base of volunteers to deliver to our residents in certain areas, contacts to deliver door to door in apartments and a wider network of drop stations and...

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