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Book Club Corner

Submitted by Kit Darling and the members of the Bay Area Book Club Since the Hamilton Public Library is closed due to Covid-19, we didn’t have access to copies of the same book to read and discuss. Instead several members met...

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Hughson Street Baptist Church

Hughson Street Baptist Church has been serving in the North End of Hamilton since 1887. Our church has moved from a place where it was nearly empty to the place where we have had to move our worship services to the school across...

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Keep Us Up to Date

Letter from the Editor By Brenda Duke I love hearing the stories and memories of the North End; the places and things that stay in your heart even if you’ve moved away. We are always thankful for the contributions from our...

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Hamilton Glass Works

By Brian Roulston One hundred and thirty-six years ago on the same block of the new Hughson Street Church which is currently under construction between James, Hughson, Picton and Macaulay streets stood the glass factory of...

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