June 2024 Issue


"I look forward to the always-prompt delivery of the next edition to my mailbox, and to receiving the email alerting me to its availability! I so appreciate that there remains a local community paper at a time when so many others have ceased publication. It's been a great introduction to the North End!"

Dayna, North End Resident and Reader

"As an advertiser with the NEB, I am pleased to be supporting and involved with this community newspaper. In the past 10 months my ad has generated new clients and I am very pleased that people are reading and contacting the advertisers for business.

Marie Mushing,
People In Connection
April 2024

Letter from the Editor
By Brenda Duke

Another month has passed and as always, there have been challenges and progress. That’s what makes it interesting!

We learned a few months ago that our Treasurer, James Vanderberg would be relocating and we needed to fill that position. We’ve had someone step up to join the Board of Directors and take on the Treasurer role. They are training right now and hopefully, we can introduce them in the next edition.

For several months, we’ve been looking to expand our publication team and add a Social Media Director. Cat McKay, a proud new North Ender has joined us and you’ll read more about her in this edition.

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Serendipity Times Two

Submitted by Frank Proctor Serendipity – defined as making unexpected and fortunate discoveries, a fluke, a stroke of luck. The unraveling of this tale requires me to share a bit of personal history. I’m Frank Proctor, a...

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Cochlear Implant Part 2

Submitted by Barb Hale My scar has healed, and I arrived at Sunnybrook Hearing Centre for ‘Hook-up’ day, as it’s called, at 1pm on April 30th. In the middle of the day, the traffic was moving, and I arrive on time. I had been...

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