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The Breezes is published on the first day of the month and delivered to 4,200 homes and businesses in print and on-line. Contact us at 289-933-4810, by email at office@northendbreezes.com, on our website: www.northendbreezes.com or social@northendbreezes.com.

Published by: North End Breezes Board of Directors: Kristina Santone, Chrissy Chrzan, Chris Pearson, Elizabeth Poynter, Keith Thompson, and James Vanderberg

Chair: Elizabeth Poynter

Financial Officer: James Vanderberg

Secretary: Kristina Santone

Social Media: Chrissy Chrzan

Marketing: Keith Thompson

Community Outreach: Chris Pearson

Co-Ordinator: Brenda Duke

Editorial Assistant: Kit Darling

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Social Media: Chrissy Chrzan

Web Site Development: Marie Mushing

Circulation & Distribution: The Board, Sheri Selway, Steve Osborne and Chrissy Chrzan along with a dedicated team of volunteers.

When submitting an article for the Breezes we also like to share the content on our social channels. Please include as many pictures as possible and a couple lines of copy we can use for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. The articles written represent the opinions of the individual and must meet the Mission and Vision of The Breezes and the Board of Directors as set out. Articles may be edited for length, tone, clarity and are subject to publication based on available space. Deadline for submission is the 15th of the month prior to publication. We appreciate an early notice by the 10th of the month if you want to reserve ad space and early submission gives us time to edit your articles. Pictures and logos are accepted and will be included as space allows.

NORTH END BREEZES MISSION: The North End Breezes is a not-for-profit team of volunteers who produce a monthly newspaper and online publications to promote connectivity, share community news and encourage mutual support by engaging our North End neighbourhood community.

NORTH END BREEZES VISION: The North End Breezes is a vital resource in the North End that promotes harmony, pride and collective community action in a diverse and ever-changing neighbourhood. For 50 years now we’ve been a resource for the community and rely on our volunteers to keep the information flowing for years to come. Help us grow your Breezes. Please email your thoughts to office@northendbreezes.com or call 289- 933-4810.