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Deadline for submissions are the 15th of each month.  In December the deadline is the 10th of the month and there is no deadline in July as we do not publish in August.

When submitting an article for the Breezes we also like to share the content on our social channels. Please include as many pictures as possible and a couple lines of copy we can use for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. The articles written represent the opinions of the individual and must meet the Mission and Vision of The Breezes and the Board of Directors as set out. Articles may be edited for length, tone, clarity and are subject to publication based on available space. Deadline for submission is the 15th of the month prior to publication. We appreciate an early notice by the 10th of the month if you want to reserve ad space and early submission gives us time to edit your articles. Pictures and logos are accepted and will be included as space allows.

Please read our publication guidelines below for more information.

To be considered a featured writer:

A featured writer submits articles on a regular basis and we feature these articles all listed on the writers page.  Featured writers generally focus on the north Hamilton community or a topic that is of interest to those living in the north end.  Ask for more information if you would like to be considered as a featured writer.

Publication Guidelines

To be accepted for publication, your article must meet the following guidelines:

  • No personal or confrontational attacks
  • No aggressive language
  • Must be factual and cannot contain inaccuracies, you can include sources
  • Must meet our limitations for space
  • Must include the authors name and a contact email or telephone for follow up
  • Any images submitted should be a high resolution jpeg, must support the article and have the permission of the subject or copyright holder
  • Articles must meet the Mission and Vision of the North End Breezes
  • Deadlines are generally the 15th but might vary by 1 or 2 days due to holidays and printer deadlines.
  • Contribute to community engagement and mutual respect and support; promote harmony, pride in our community and collective community action.

We welcome yours as long as it is expressed in a non-confrontational manner and is not a personal attack on another individual.
We reserve the right to edit articles for length, clarity and adherence to our guidelines. We cannot guarantee to submit edited articles to the author for approval.

Please send articles or inquiries to:

Kit Darling
Editorial Assistant