It’s been said that volunteering is a gift that keeps on giving. When you vote, your vote is for a term or a candidate but when you volunteer your efforts impact many and go on forever to build your community.

The North End Breezes relies on volunteers that want to impact many and whatever you can do will carry on. Volunteering is an act of believing in your passion and your beliefs; we need you.

Where do your interests lie?

Do you enjoy social time with friends and neighbours? Join our Folding Team on the last Friday of the month at Hughson Street Baptist Church.

Are you a go-getter and a social person who loves the Breezes? Do you get out and about in the area?  Do you know people who need to promote their business or services? Join our Ad Sales Team to spread the word about the benefits of advertising with the Breezes.

Or maybe you have ideas that could help us become more visible in the community and raise the money that will make us sustainable. Join our Event Planners Team to help us by offering your skills, your expertise and your ideas.

And what about those that are great at administration and behind the scenes organizing? The Breezes is constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve. Join our Publication Team to bring fresh ideas to the table and help implement them.

Maybe you love to walk around your neighborhood/? Maybe you are looking for a pert time job close to home? Then come forward and Join our Distribution Team. Pick an area, commit to delivering and help distribute our paper.

Are there any “Tech Savy” people who want to get involved? Facebook, Twitter and our web site can all use some help. Join out Media Team and see where you can help to spread the word.

These are only a few ideas to continue an unheard of success in the publication world. Over 48 years of bringing news of the community to the community.  You can help; a little or a lot, it all makes a difference, Email us at or connect on our web site at