The North End Breezes is proud to carry on a tradition started by Ed Stewart in 2005. In partnership with North End Neighbours Association, we will be launching the North Ender of the Year Award. The application will be available in June so start thinking about who you can nominate!

Who was Ed Stewart?

Ed Stewart (1929-2020) was born on Wood Street in the North End in 1929. At a young age, his family suffered a tragedy when his brother Bill was killed on the Athabaskan and moved away. His life’s journey kept him active with the 607 Athabaskan Associations.

Over the years, Ed’s journeys took him across the world and he visited and resided in many cities. He settled in Oakville with his wife, built a home and lived there until his passing in August of 2020. During his travels, he still kept in touch with his childhood friends in the North End and remembered his roots. He knew when they celebrated their birthdays, when they were mentioned in the paper, what they had done and when they had passed. A true “old school” person, Ed would call or write to keep in touch.

One of Ed’s passions was The North Ender of The Year Award which he started in 2005. The award recognizes people, groups and businesses that have supported and built community in the North End.

Ed was a gifted graphic designer and designed the banner logo that we use to this day for The Breezes. His passions included being involved in the Sea Cadets and the 23rd Field Ambulance. Ed was a collector of memorabilia and shared many of his photos and stories with the North End through The Breezes.

An all- round gentleman, Ed Stewart always demonstrated a sense of humor and was generous with his talent, connections his wealth of experience. Ed’s kindness, knowledge and love of the North End will be missed.  In honour of Ed Steward we continue the North End of the Year award,

The Ed Stewart Legacy Award is presented to an individual, group or business in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the North End through community engagement, service or leadership. The nominee should have demonstrated a long-standing, significant commitment to the improvement of the neighbourhood through professional or voluntary efforts. Normally this award is presented to recognize efforts spread over a period of ten plus years, however, a single outstanding achievement may be considered.

As our community continues to grow with new residents and businesses, we’d also like to introduce The Community Builder Award.

The Community Builders Award is presented to recognize the efforts implemented by the nominee in the North End neighbourhood. The individual should embody the community spirit and have dedicated their time with measurable impact on the North End and its residents. demonstrated compassion in ways of touching or enriching the lives of others, showing ongoing leadership and initiative, or sustained and selfless voluntary service. An impact visionary who

is making a difference of the future of our neighbourhood. In selecting the recipient(s) of the awards, a panel of judges will consider the nature of the community involvement undertaken by each nominee and the resulting achievements, using the materials submitted to support the nomination form.