When I moved to this neighborhood, I noticed a difference.  The old dame across the street was a “curtain twitcher” she would keep a sharp eye on the comings and goings on the street. At first it felt intrusive but I soon realized that she was our burglar alarm. If something out of the ordinary was happening she would see it. She had my sister’s phone number to call if we were away and someone was going into our house that she didn’t recognize.  The one time she did call it turned out to be my eldest stepson but we were happy that she was ‘on the job!

Another neighbor would take the old girl dinner when he cooked a roast, he would go downtown on the bus with her to make sure she was OK.  That care and concern continued until she died just short of her 100th birthday.  Another neighbor helped that fellow sort out his pension and GIS entitlement. Someone else had a brick walkway to her front door which regularly had weeds growing in between the bricks. She had bad knees so another neighbour would walk up there and pull the weeds for her.

The neighborhood is a network of caring, concern and support.