Hello Breezes readers. By now you have notices a great deal of activity on Pier 8 as the City prepares for exciting new piece of North End ‎community.

Soon you will see more action as it relates to the relocation of the pipeline.

As part of the ongoing redevelopment of the West Harbour Waterfront, Sun-Canadian Pipeline will soon begin the second phase of the relocation of the existing petroleum refined products pipeline to accommodate our future development on Pier 8. The work site limits are on Pier 7 (the west side of Discovery Drive)  from approx. 120m south of Williams Café, to Guise Street.  Then on Guise Street moving easterly from Discovery Drive to John Street.

The contractor will mobilize on/or about September 14th to setup the staging yard, site trailer, deliver supplies etc..     The work zone will be delineated as per MTO Book 7 for construction sites to support pedestrian and traffic protection.  It is anticipated that the actual construction activity will commence on September 19th, 2017,  and is expected to be complete by October 5th, 2017.

And just as the long awaited reopening of the waterfront trail beside Bayfront and heading west happens, the waterfront trail along the west side of Discovery Drive from Guise Street to Williams Café will be affected by this work.  Fortunately, for a much shorter time.

The alternate walkway along the east side of Discovery Drive will remain open for the duration of the project and will provide a safe area for all recreational users.  The asphalt trail/sidewalk on the north side of Guise Street from Discovery Drive to John Street will be closed to traffic.  Trail users will be directed to utilize the concrete sidewalk on the south side of Guise Street.

All trail users should exercise caution when traveling through this area.  The construction area will be marked with safety fencing and signage.  All traffic movement will be maintained, however, restrictions may apply during specific operations and vehicular movement will be controlled by the appropriate control devices ( signage, flagmen etc.)

This project is being administered by Sun Canadian Pipeline in cooperation with the City of Hamilton.  Signage on site will incorporate emergency phone numbers for SCPL and their prime contractor.

If you have any questions, you may call

Jeff Pidsadny

Senior Project Manager, Waterfront Development

City of Hamilton, Public Works

Engineering Services Division

(905) 546-2424  Ext.2556