A new Church and Affordable Housing in the North End.

You’ve watched the big blue building at the corner of James and Picton grow this past year, and it’s time for an update on what’s happening.

Hughson Street Baptist Church, which now functions out of their 163 year-old building at 383 Hughson St, is building a new church facility and 45 affordable apartment  units.  It will house their Sunday Worship services and weekday programs for Children, Youth, and Adults.  These will all take place on the main floor and basement areas of the building.  The north side of the project is a new Gymnatorium, which will be a gym for most of the week, but converted into the auditorium for the gatherings of the church for worship.

The three stories on the south side of the building are where the 45 units of affordable, supported apartments are located.  The church has partnered with Indwell, an organization known for this kind of housing in Hamilton and other locations, to design and build these units.  When completed, InDwell will operate the housing for the church.

The church and tenants are looking forward to moving in at the beginning of July.  You can watch this work get completed as you stroll by day-by-day.  Once completed their will be an open house so you can come and see how it all turns out!