Most people can agree that some very common amenities make for a good neighbourhood; shopping, schools, health care, transit and walkability. But all great neighbourhoods have one thing in common; people that care, people that take pride of ownership in their homes, neighbours that connect with a smile, a greeting or a porch visit.

One disadvantage of the current rules to keep a safe distance and not gather in groups is a feeling of isolation. People are social creatures. We need to see a face or hear a voice. Nothing feels better than a surprise porch drop of homemade soup or cookies or a neighbour who just knocks on your door or calls to check on you.

Connectivity makes for safer neighbourhoods too; fewer car break-ins, porch bandits or illegal dumping. Know who your neighbour  is, what cars belong on the street and watch out for each other. Good neighbourhoods build community and community builds a better and safer city for all of us.

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