by Susan Brooks

We often think of making resolutions to start the New Year.  Unfortunately, the resolutions many make, also only last for the very first parts of that New Year. What if we were to determine to continue to make The North End an even warmer and more wonderful place to live, by contributing individually, or as groups, to making this an even better place to live?

As individuals, we can do things to make the community a better place by assisting with such things as:

Helping others with their food needs by participating in activities like:

Helping at one of the Food Bank locations

Packing Good Food Boxes (a selection of vegetables & fruits pre-purchased at a Good price)

Assisting with a Food Drive (such as North End’s Thanksgiving Season Food Drive)

Work in one of our Community Gardens

Assist with Welcome Inn Tuesday Diner Club

You might choose to assist neighbours with things like:

Becoming a ‘Snow Angel’ to assist with shoveling snow for seniors/handicapped or low-income residents.

Do some Community Visitation either through a Senior program like Welcome Inn’s or through making your own individual contacts.

Assist at New Horizons Thrift Store as an inside volunteer, or champion a donation drive in the area.

Joining with city events like 100in1day, will give you an open door to celebrate (and share) your talents.

If Youth are your interest, you might like to help with one of the homework clubs.

Or you could assist with a camp (perhaps at Welcome Inn or a Church camp)

If you are sports minded, you might be able to volunteer with a baseball or soccer program. Or you might like to join your neighbors in making a difference in the clean up of local parks, back alleys or on the waterfront.

Volunteer social activities working with youth year-round in the North End can in include working with City Kidz, or other volunteer roles as greeters or aids with City organizations, churches or clubs.

The North End also has many opportunities for people to work with ethic diversity programs, literacy programs, or mentoring programs.

How about you – how would you like to make a meaningful difference in your community?