People love photos and short videos of the north end and we would like to share them with our social networks and on our website in a new North End Gallery!

  • Parks, nature, animals
  • Businesses/storefronts/food from our local restaurants
  • Gardens and other scenery
  • People (who consent)
  • Construction/changing neighbourhood
  • Churches/organizations/service providers doing great work

Include short (VERY short: 1-3 sentences) description/anecdote/story about the connection to the North End

Encourage others who are on social media to share their photos, videos, and stories by tagging @northendbreezes and create an online community as vibrant as the real deal

Development, gentrification, & safe streets are hot topics in the neighbourhood and across the City – sharing articles inviting feedback could draw attention, but it might start a flame war.

Send photos, short videos, articles or snapshot stories to: or 289-683-2006