Things are heating up as the warmer weather has arrived. When I’ve been out riding my bike through the North End it’s been really great to say hi to some of you in person. If you see me, please feel free to ask me to stop and chat. I’d love to connect with you, especially if we haven’t had an opportunity to meet in person. If you’re keen to make that introduction happen join me for our third Neighbourhood Town Hall at the Church of the Ascension in Corktown, June 28 at 7:00pm. This is the halfway mark for our tour of all 6 of Ward 2’s neighbourhoods in 2023 and we’re looking forward to being in the North End later this year.

As usual, there’s a lot going on in the North End. I wish this month’s update included more about CN Railway’s appeal of the Jamesville development, but I’m still waiting to hear back as are you. What I know is that the parties to the appeal will be meeting in late June with the Ontario Land Tribunal to discuss the appeal at a case management conference. I remain hopeful that things will be resolved before this needs to go to a hearing.

You’ll be relieved that the Mary Street Pedestrian Bridge has reopened. I have received quite a bit of good feedback about making improvements and I’ve asked City staff to consider a wooden plank construction similar to the Pearl Street Pedestrian Bridge; potentially painting the steel structural elements; and installing a handrail for those who need it. The City will be getting back to me and I hope to have good news about these features to share in a future Breezes update.

As I promised in the last edition, a quick update about the trees that Metrolinx took down – City staff have confirmed that the Strachan Street greenway, as some call it, will be getting a replanting. It is likely going to take place in the fall. When I have an exact date, I will share it.

Closer to the water’s edge, big changes are coming to the Hamilton Waterfront Trust (HWT). As recently appointed Chair of the Board of Trustees, I have begun a campaign to introduce more transparency to the organization and, at a recent meeting, shared all of the Board’s current financial documents for public review. The HWT also just finished hiring a new Interim Executive Director who will be helping the organization transition as the work on Piers 5, 6, and 7 winds down and the HWT’s assets are reviewed by an external auditor. In case you missed the news, City Council decided to begin the process of dissolving the HWT and will be making a final decision about the future of the Trust later this year.

I’m also keeping busy serving on all of the City’s Standing Committees – Planning; Public Works; Public Health, General Issues, Emergency and Community Services; and as the 2023 Chair of Audit, Finance and Administration. It’s a lot of work but it’s important that I’m at each one. As the heart of the City, between the waterfront and the escarpment, the home to many institutions and organizations, Ward 2 is rarely left off a Standing Committee agenda.

My commitment to you as your Councillor means being present to weigh in on decisions that impact the residents of Ward 2. It’s a lot, but I have a great team supporting me. To that point, and as always, the Ward 2 Team is here to support you. Please reach out to us at or through our office phone number at (905) 546-2197.