I hope you’ve made some plans to enjoy the beautiful, if fleeting, good weather that’s come our way. As many of you have experienced, that good weather has come with some major air quality issues, in part due to serious forest fires in Ontario and Quebec. If you can, stay indoors when there are local air quality warnings. If you can’t, like so many of those unhoused in our community, or those who must work outside, wear a mask, take your time, carry extra water, and keep an eye out for your neighbours during this time, especially those who may be struggling to breathe or walk.
Speaking of air quality, you may have noticed that a handful of new trees have been planted along the Strachan Street greenway. While it will be years before they grow enough to help us all reap the benefits of cleaner air, they’re in the ground and the process has begun. City staff had a few in stock and wanted to get a jump start on the planting that will take place in the fall in order to start replacing those lost due to the track renovations. Some of you have asked about a watering plan and I have confirmed that the new trees have been included in the City’s tree watering plan and will be well taken care of as they grow. I’ll be announcing the date for the official fall tree planting as soon as I have it and will keep everyone updated through my social media channels, and in the Breezes, if the timing works out.

Since last writing to you, I’ve held two Ward 2 Neighbourhood Town Halls – one in the Central neighbourhood and another in Corktown. Our visit to all 6 neighbourhoods will take a break until our next stop in Durand on September 14 at 6:30pm at the Central Presbyterian Church. After Durand, we’ll be in the North End and Stinson.

I’ve also hired a part time Constituency Coordinator, Joey McCullough, to help the Ward 2 Team’s two full time staff with the day-to-day calls, emails, social media messages, and letters that come our way. We continue to receive an incredible amount of contact from residents and want to be able to keep providing excellent service.

For those who missed it, I was the Deputy Mayor for the month of June. Being Deputy Mayor, something that each Councillor gets a chance to do, means that I chair the City’s General Issues Committee and fill in for the Mayor when she’s unavailable to attend an event. It’s been a wonderful way to get to know the broader community and to participate in citywide events and festivals.

I’ll be out and about a fair bit this summer at festivals and events and will also be taking a much needed break for 2 weeks in July. If you see me out there, be sure to say hello! And as always, the Ward 2 Team is here to support you. Please reach out to us at or through our office phone number at (905) 546-2197.