As you read this month’s Walkabout the Autumn leaves have changed and Jack Frost is nipping at your door; nothing is more wonderful than strolling through a park after the snow has fallen especially at this time of year.

December 3 brings the lighting of the Christmas Tree of Hope, fundraising since 1976 for the Children’s Fund which supports dozens of local organizations during this season for giving and for hope. See the Christmas Tree of Hope lighting in Gore Park. Who doesn’t love seeing the bright lights of the Christmas tree in any town square or city centre? Here in Hamilton, we have the jewel and gem nestled in the centre of the city, beautiful Gore Park, established in 1850. But come December a festival of lights brightens up the town square and has created many a generation of cherished memories – from the music of the carousels or riding a top the Ferris wheels as the lights twinkle and dance above your head and right down to the old school petting zoo and stable.  Beautiful Gore Park with the magical fountain and wraparound park benches and statue nestled among the tall trees, this park is a jewel and gem that sparkles even more brighter in December.

So, grab a hot chocolate and stroll throughout the parks, parkettes pockets and the neighborhoods and catch the colorful lights dotted along the way or catch the lights by car and take in the festival of lights and the decorated homes, corridors and streets.

This year dust off those strings of lights to brighten up those corridors, doors or a tree along the way…