By Ken Hirter

It’s Spring and Summer will soon be upon us. What better way than to get an early kick start and get into the swim of things. This month’s Walkabout finds me at water fit in the beautiful Aquatic Center at Bennetto Recreation Center. It is 45-minutes and works for you at your own pace. Think Fitness and Fun in the pool at Bennetto.

What is Water Fit? Compared to swimming, water aquatics, water aerobics and water fitness classes are considered a better all-round exercise program because they use a great variety of muscle groups. You won’t burn as many calories as with running, but the calorie burning is comparable to a brisk walk and is a good low impact workout.

Water Fit programs have many benefits. As well as lowering the risk of cardio vascular disease, it strengthens the lower body and increases range of motion. Water provides support to reduce risk of injury and provides resistance to strengthen muscles and helps with balance. The warm water and music keep you moving and after the 45 minute session you walk away you feel absolutely great and refreshed as well.

Water Fitness classes meet every Monday at 10.45 – 11.30 Wednesday at 9.45 – 10.30 and Friday between 10.45 – 11.30 and are wheel chair and handicap accessible.

(Please note Bennetto Community Centre will be closed on Monday May the 22nd for Victoria Day.)

Bennetto Community Centre, 450 Hughson Street North. Tel: (905)-546-4944

For a complete list of all their programs check out their website at: or 

Many thanks to the wonderful staff, life guards and the instructors here at Bennetto.

In the end, think fitness and health and have fun in the sun as most City of Hamilton pools will be opening the end of June – get back into the swim of things.

 Cheers till next month.