by Ken Hirter

This month’s Walkabout finds me back at the Hamilton’s Farmers Market and this is where you find me chatting with the new guy in the Market General Store, Darren Kregar. The shop opened in October 2021. A general store inside the @hamontmarket offering locally produced, artisanal food & crafts.

Motto for the Shop is: “LOCAL FIRST” “We support local Ontario’s suppliers first before reaching out to other suppliers in Canada & Beyond…..

Causes and Community Support:

• Ladybird Sanctuary

• The Good Shepard

I asked Darren the Top 3 Best Sellers within the store:

• The large array and selection of hot sauces.

• The jams and preserves and more.

•  Refill station and sustainables.

I asked Darren to give a special thanks and shoutout:  “To the Hamilton Community during the past couple of years and to our customers who continue to support the small businesses within their own communities.”

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at the Market General Store please visit their home store:

James North General Store (JNGS) (Walkabout January 2020) at 95 James Street North.

A favorite quote of James North General Store that resonates with them comes from the television show: ~Schitts Creek~ “We are a General Store, but a very specific store and not just a store. We are a place where like people can come and get coffee or drinks, but we are not a coffee shop nor are we a bar. We are an environment; we sell things but we are more like a branded immersive experience. Check them online or in person!!! , @jamesnorthgs.

I would like to thank Darren Kregar for taking time out to talk shop at the Market General Store. You can follow them on Instagram @marketgeneralstore

The Hamilton’s Farmers Market (est. 1837) (Walkabout January 2021)
35 York Blvd.
Hours of Business: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am to 4pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm

Support Darren and the other 50+ vendors, for a complete listing of the shops please visit their website:

Toronto may have the St. Lawrence Market but here in Hamilton we have a 2-story cool, modern gem in our own Hamilton Farmers Market in downtown Hamilton.

Make it a day well spent whether solo, with friends or family and walkabout the Farmers market and visit the vendors and shopkeepers in your neighborhood today.

Cheers till next month.