By Ken Hirter

This month’s Walkabout profile is about five individuals making a DIFFERENCE within our community here in Hamilton’s North End. They are 5 faces in part of a TEAM at the North Hamilton Community Health Center. NHCHC first opened their doors on John Street back in 1987. The REHABILITATION DEPARTMENT was established in 1990 after a needs assessment was completed. “A Jewel & Gem nestled in the Heart of the North End of Hamilton.”

MISSION & VISION statement for ALL departments and groups within the NORTH HAMILTON COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER are as follows:


Enabling Health Through Healing, Hope and Wellness.


No Obstacles to Health


What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapists are regulated primary healthcare professionals, skilled in the assessment and management of a wide range of conditions that affect musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous system. We can address the physical challenges associated with musculoskeletal injuries such as back and neck pain, arthritis, repetitive strain injury etc….

Now let’s meet some of the wonderful Team members of the REHABILITATION DEPARTMENT at the N.H.C.H.C.

This is Mr. Eric Baker physiotherapist at the N.H.C.H.C. l spoke to Mr. Baker and asked him why he became a physiotherapist? Mr. Eric Baker team player since 2005

l’ve worked as a physiotherapist at NHCHC since January 2005, working alongside our kinesiologists and occupational therapist that make up our REHABILITATION team, to provide client-centered and evidence-based care in both 1:1 and group formats.

Why?…….I love sharing a PASSION for exercise with clients, and helping them to lead more active lives in whatever shape that may take them. It’s also extremely rewarding to connect clients to other team members or community resources that address other tremendously important factors contributing to health, such as mental wellness programs, service related to income or employment, and food security such as our community gardens health promotion program. It’s been a amazing opportunity over the years to provide physiotherapy to clients born and raised in the North End and hear all of their stories, and also to provide care to newcomers to Canada that have immigrated from all over the world and learn from their experiences.

l’m tremendously lucky that my daily commute to work from West Hamilton is along the Waterfront trail by bicycle! Take a look at our many programs and services and see if one of them is the right fit you at

I asked Mr. Baker what quote/motto that resonates with him:

“Do not judge by my successes, Judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again” ~ Nelson Mandela~

This is Miriam Beatty physiotherapist therapist since April of 2016. Miss Miriam Beatty team player since 2016.

I asked Miriam where her compassion lies:

My compassion leans towards people that are hurting, learning to heal and trying to restore their balance.

Miriam described the programs that the REHABILITATION team lead and offer at N.H.C.H.C.

  • Chair Yoga (Mindfully & Exploring the Body movement)
  • Back Yoga (live with back pain and the science behind it)
  • SIT & FIT
  • Health Wellness Education Appetizer series

Finding your balance and fall preventions

  • Batali Arabic woman’s group “Empowerment to women but open for ALL women”.

The North Hamilton Community Health Center is Open to ideas and program suggestions. Drop a comment in their suggestion box by the reception area.

I asked Miriam a saying or quote that resonates with her, her reply:

“I am rooted and free to be”

Stay tuned for more stories on the registered Kinesiologists here at the N.H.C.H.C. Rehabilitation Department in the December issue of the North End Breezes.

Till next month, take care of you and those around you.