By Ken Hirter

What’s new for January 2022 strolling along James Street North finds me chatting with the New Kids on the Block. The new to-go place is so cool, retro and a vintage throwback to just the good ole days of board games. This months Walkabout finds me at “The Bard and Bear Games Cafe”.
Our story is of this husband-and-wife team and the love of Board games that brought together the idea to create a community gathering place. Their motto for “The Bard and Bear Games Cafe. “To Bring People Together At The Table”.

Let me tell you, this place doesn’t disappoint the most ardent fan of boards games. The extensive game wall has a vast array of games to appeal to all ages. Set in a wonderful comfortable setting with a range of table settings for 2 or more. Reservations are also available upon request.
The Bard offers a cool gift nook tucked in the back corner next to the snack and finger food delights with sweets on their menu game board. The Cafe Bar offers an array of hot & cold beverages – all that is missing is a fireplace in this cozy community space that brings everyone together around to just play games and have fun. Coming soon will be an addition to the menu of Beer, Wine and Spirits.

I asked their favorite games – for Steven it is Carcassonne with Megan’s choice being Castle of Burgundy. As for the top 3 customer picks (subject to change) they are as follows:
2. Ticket to ride
3. Mousetrap

With the January blahs kicking into to gear or before winter hibernation hits why not head to the Bard and Bear Games Cafe located at: 237 James Street North.
For more general information and to book reservations for your table they can be reached at: (905) 523-0739, THEBARDANDBEAR@GMAIL.COM, Instagram @THEBARDANDBEAR or at

I would like to thank Steven and Megan for taking time out to chat games, food and more…
Visit “The Bard and Bear” today and make it a Good ole Fashion game night tonight with friends & family.

Check out what’s new for 2022 in your community neighborhood and continue to support the new shops & stores along the way.