by Ken Hirter

This month l sat and spoke with Dave Stephens a longtime resident. Dave has been involved with Community Involvement & Volunteering for almost 40 years now.

His most accomplished achievement is with the Jameville Action Plan Implementing & Creating a team which brought forth the following:

  • Sobi Bikes
  • Breakfast Club at the North Hamilton Community Health Centre (NHCHC)
  • Introduction of the 2 way bikelane with contro-flow namely with Cannon Street to serve as a Anti-poverty innitive providing Cost Efficient means of transportation with his vision being: HEALTHY, CLEAN NEIGHBORHOODS. ( up next from bicycle lanes now onto the big guys the truck routes)

Dave’s other community involvements include the following:

  • Bike for Mike (building bikes for the Bennotto School)
  • Open Streets special events where he is a city contractor with bicycle parking and security.

Dave is currently on the Active Safe Route to School Committee & Bike Parking working with different Schools within the North End and Hamilton.  Dave was also former North End Neighborhood Association president a position he held for a few years.

On May the 28th Dave was honored with the Volunteer of the Year with his commitment to Transportation & Road Safety.  The award was presented by Mayor Fred Eisenberger alongside Councilor Jason Farr. With over 1000 people in attendance with his biggest cheerleader being his mum Diana.

Dave motto in Life is:

“Why complain about it, just fix it” his Journey & Adventure and his personal quest continues being incentives for safety and continued safety for ALL.

In closing I call Dave A Rebel with a Good Cause and above the Definition of:


  1. a person who publicly supports a particular cause

Synonyms: Campaigner, fighter, crusader is Dave Stephens and many others like Dave would appear by the definition, who make a difference within our Community. Congratulations Dave on your Volunteer of the Year and continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

Till September take care of you and those around you.

Have a wonderful safe Summer Everyone.