By Ken Hirter

Did you know that the National Volunteer Week-Volunteer Canada runs from April 15th-21st. 2018. This is a time to celebrate and to give thanks to Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers and to recognize the contributions of volunteers within our communities.

This month’s Walkabout “Profile in Faces” features a face that makes a difference within our communities; Miss Lynne John. Lynne started her volunteering upon retiring in 2010 and she shows no sign of slowing down any day soon.

Many here in Hamilton’s North End would recognize Lynne as the effervescent greeter at the Welcome Inn Community Center’s food bank three times a week. She also performs double duty volunteering with the Seniors Lunch Program dedicating and putting in over 500 hours per year. “No one should have to go to bed starving, nor any senior to be alone or ever forgotten”. I spoke with Miss Lynne recently and at times tears came to her eyes as she fondly remembers the loss of two of her cherished friends from the Welcome Inn Senior’s Lunch Program. Lynne remembers  longtime North Ender’s and cherished friends Sylvia Ardrey (Ma), and Miss Annie Barker (Rambling Rose) whom Lynne shared a mother daughter relationship/friendship till her recent passing at the age of 99.

Lynne is a powerful example also that is reflected by her healthy lifestyle developed by attending the North Hamilton Community Center’s Senior’s kitchen every month for healthy alternatives, and both educating and learning about nourishing meals. As for fitness, Lynne reflects that age is just a number and proves that at the age of 75 you can be active, look great and maintain an infectious positive attitude. She does the treadmill and exercises at the Rehabilitation Health Center and also at the NHCHC.

Recently Lynne’s son Brad was featured in the Hamilton Spectator as the (HSR) bus driver who stopped his bus to assist a handicapped passenger get across the street to visit a park. I indicated to Lynne that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Lynne is a proud mother of two sons, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. They are her gem stones and the twinkling light in her beautiful radiant blue eyes. ~Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder~

Here in the North End of Hamilton Lynne is a jewel in the eyes of many who have crossed her path or have met her; she is a good friend and a lovely lady. She is of one of those 12.7 million volunteers who follow their passion and their hearts.

In closing I asked Lynne her favorite quotes that resonates and speaks to her. ~LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and always smile……and, ~Enjoy today because you don’t know what tomorrow may bring~

Thanks Lynne for your being one of the many pillars within the community to build that of better tomorrow. “Keep on Smiling Sunshine”

Until next month, take care of you and those around you. Cheers everyone and make it a good day today.