by Ken Hirter

This months Walkabout finds me back here in the North End at “Our Corner Bar & Grill” which opened it doors in May of 2006. It was in the newly renovated (in the signature red and white) “Our Corners” that l spoke to the delightful shopkeeper and owner Darlene Billingsley.

Did you know that on September the 25th of 2021 Darlene was presented with the North Ender of the Year Award and the Ed Stewart Legacy Award for the varied contributions she has made over the years. The Ed Stewart Legacy Award recognizes long-time residents who reach out where they are needed to support and improve their neighbors and community. Darlene graciously shared her honor with Marilyn Leavy and with “The Cellar Dwellers” who worked hand in hand with her.

The Our Corner Bar & Grill continues to support the community with a collection bin three times a year for Essential Aid Feed the Babies.

Darlene thanks the customers and neighbours for their generous support in giving back to the community and giving to those in need. Darlene has indicated that North End neighbors are generous people who make the North End stand proud as a caring and vibrant thriving community. Special thanks and shoutout to the staff and the customers from the older generation to the new generation and is open to all and all are welcome!!!

I asked Darlene the Motto for the “Our Bar & Grill” : “Because they’re just like family and built on friendship”

If you like a good ole morning breakfast smile check out their Bacon and Egg $6.10 special served to your liking or any of the other favorites from their menu.

“Our Corner Bar & Grill”

496 James Street North

Dine In or take out (no delivery)


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Come in and enjoy a delicious meal from the Bar & Grill famous for its great service & friendly staff. Look for the Red & White awnings and the opening of the red deck chaired patio this month.

l would like to thank Darlene and Staff with mascot Scobby for sharing the stories of the North End community.

Support the business in your neighborhood.

Cheers till next month.