Submitted by Ken Hirter

This months Walkabout finds me hopping on the Hamilton Public Library’s (HPL) Bookmobile or simply known as the Little Library on Wheels.

Origins & History: Initially a bookmobile was an idea set in motion in 1949, brought forth and voted yes by Hamilton City Council in 1954. On December 20th of 1956 Hamilton residents experienced the first Traveling Branch Bookmobile which rolled onto the streets of Hamilton. Did you know that within 2 months February of 1957 showed proof of the Bookmobile success was with circulation numbers exceeding the Old Main Library’s Branch with a circulation of 130,000.

Today:  Celebrating 65 years of continuous service and serving the communities with 2 Bookmobiles at 12 neighborhood stops and 25 Senior Residences. As of 2014 the circulation is at around 123,000.

Providing on site services from placing holds, inquiries, pickup and check out. The configuration of the Bookmobile spacious. With categories and topics ranging from cooking to gardening, fiction and non fiction and a children’s section. You will also find a selection of DVD movies, CD music and magazine’s too!!!

I commented how the Bookmobile reminded me of the Partridge Family School Bus only cooler with books for your reading pleasure.
Thanks to the folks at the Hamilton Public Library’s Bookmobile for making my boarding upon the Bookmobile a pleasant experience on the bus.
Must say, this bus packs in a lot for this space and the Hamilton’s Public Library’s Bookmobile stop is located at 450 Hughson St. N in the parking lot of Bennetto Community Center next door to the Compass Community Health Center. Please note that the Bookmobile is here every Thursday between 4.30 – 5.00.

For a complete list of all of the Bookmobile Stops please visit the Hamilton Public Library’s webpage @

Till next month, take care & cheers.