By Ken Hirter

This month’s Walkabout Profile of People making a difference within our Community is a family affair with Granddad’s Donuts. Located at the corner of James Street North at Burlington Street, they are the BEST DONUTS IN TOWN by far.

I had the opportunity to meet with Sam, manager of Granddad’s Donuts as she shared with me the story of the origin of Granddad’s Donuts.

Her parents Barb & Scott Whipps first met when they both were Bakers at Tim Hortons Donuts, l guess you can say a match made in Donut Heaven. Their vested interests were the old school donut making methods. Scott’s motto was “Quality Matters.”

Their vision of 25+ years ago became a reality when Granddad’s opened its doors to the general public on May the 15, 2007. Sam recalls her first part time job was there when she was around thirteen years old. For the past five years she has been managing the shop.

Her fondest memory is their 10th anniversary when community and neighbors came out to celebrate with a barbecue and raffle. It was great fun for all and that day was the busiest business day to date.

Grandad’s Donuts has received the Diamond Award as voted by the View, The Hamilton Spectator has featured them on CHCH’s Tim Boland show and of course the Donut Showdown on the FOOD NETWORK during which sales spike with every viewing.

Of course people come from far away as well: the family who visit every year from the Yukon and order their staple order of the Ghost Buster or the family that ships the donuts to Italy WOW.

Sam would like to thank the following staff members in which some having been there since day one; Amanda, Bridgette, Carly, Diane, Joy, Mary, Meghan, Preston and Riley and of course the bakers: Curtis, Dave and Mike and the gentleman, who at closing, picks up the left over donuts and brings them to the guys at Misson Services.

Granddad’s was fittingly named after Barb’s dad Ken Marsden who recently passed away March of 2018. Being a carpenter he built the bench seats and oversaw the construction and creation of Granddad’s lending his eyes and vision for Barb’s and Scott’s family. He is remembered as being the family jokester and a all around good guy.

Granddad’s is a gathering place that brings together young and old to chat over coffee, tea and of course their fabulous DONUTS. It’s a welcoming place to meet old friends and make new ones. Another way they demonstrate their exceptional community support is by supplying coffee and donuts each month to the folding team volunteers of The Breezes.

Till next month take care of yourself and those around you. Cheers!