By Ken Hirter

“Who doesn’t remember their first ice cream cone or the ice cream man, the dairy ice cream bar or the good ‘ole’ fashioned Ice Cream Parlours of yesteryear. For many of us it was the sign that Summer has arrived. It was also a great way to cool down too.” Did you know that in New York City the first Ice Cream Parlour was established in 1776. By the 1920’s ice cream parlours were sitting rooms in a house with outdoor courtyards.

This Walkabout takes us to the Creamy Atlas at 10 Mulberry Street, where l chatted with the delightful and informative shopkeeper Daryl about how the Creamy Atlas was established. Daryl grew up on a dairy farm with 40 cows in a small rural township near the town of Listowel. Proud of his German & Dutch heritage, one of his fondest memories was visiting a European Ice Cream Parlour in Germany as a teenager. He has a long-standing passion for maps (cartography) that started in his boyhood. He remembers sitting at the kitchen table discovering details on his maps with his father; and his map collection began with those first maps in the kitchen drawer. Eventually he decided to study geography at the University of Waterloo which suited his love for maps perfectly. As a City of Hamilton employee for the cycling network, Daryl oversaw the City Bike Map for 15 years and every new edition was a proud milestone! The Creamy Atlas maps are from his vast collection of maps from around the world, the shop has over 100 Atlases and National Geographics for visitors to read and enjoy.

Stepping through the bright yellow, inviting doors of this charming early 1900’s house.
It is really stepping back in time into Daryl’s own parlour or sitting room in the lower level of his home. The dairy bar is well equipped carrying the best in Ice Cream from Hewitts. The Creamy Atlas is a relaxing way to cool down this summer on their beautiful courtyard which is wheelchair accessible from the street.
The Top 3 customer favorite flavours are Chocolate Peanut Butter, Blue Berry Cheesecake and Salty Dogg. They also offer cold drinks, milkshakes, popsicles as well as sherbet. Check the menu board for they aim to have Vegan options and European flavours. They are looking into options for those who are diabetic

Daryl’s love for maps overlaps with strong interest in environmental issues. So he is starting this summer to make a depository for those dead batteries. So don’t throw those toxic batteries into the garbage – instead simply drop them off at Creamy Atlas when your in the James/Mulberry area. Don’t feel obligated to buy ice cream when you drop off those old batteries but it always could be a reward for doing good. Mark your calendar for July 16th is National Ice Cream Day, so treat yourself and drop by the Creamy Atlas, instead of leaving tip simply drop off a battery instead would be greatly appreciated.

Daryl would especially like to thank Asaad and Kathy for being there with a helping hand when needed. Thanks to the neighbors, the wonderful customers and friends for lending their smile, good stories and cheers.

Creamy Atlas
10 Mulberry Street
(905) 546-0590
Instagram at #CreamyAtlas
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 3.00 till 9.00 Closed Monday and Tuesday. Open untilLabor Day.

As for the little tyke Wyn pictured here having his first ice cream cone after graduating from a la mode. His favorite nursery bedtime saying ” I scream for ice cream ”

Continue supporting the small businesses in your neighborhood this summer from the patios, restaurants and small shops along the way, as you stroll along the streets, boardwalks and piers enjoying summer in the city.

My rating 5 ☆ ☆☆☆☆ the best customer service here in Hammer Town, all that is missing is a cow grazing in the backyard.