For the second year in a row my Walkabout finds me coming full circle to that of Christ’s Church Cathedral located at 252 James Street North in beautiful Hamilton, Ontario. A place of Community, Compassion and Hope.

I’ve been to a few events held at Christ Church Cathedral during 2016. Here are a few of them:

The first event I attended was held between May 1st to 7th 2016. The beautiful Church ceilings was awash with green for Mental Health Awareness Week as I reflected to myself that “Everyone Struggles” and the stigma that some labels may evoke in some and not with others. Sadly, I was remembering those whom never made it but I smiled for those whom survived and thrived the battles and struggles of mental illness.

On Tuesday November 15th, 2016 I entered the doors of Christ’s Church which was giving out free meal tickets, coffee & cookies along with fellowship to those whom struggle or those just simply getting out of the cold (doors open every Tuesday morning). I ventured in to light a candle in honor of my father whom past away the night before as in any loss from family to friends I always light candles in their honor and in remembrance. This year the losses for myself tallied at over 8+ friends, family, extended family and old neighbors that I lost in 2016. Rest in Paradise everyone until we meet again.

Last month on December 1st, 2016 I attended the World Aids Day evening service. My eyes welled with tears as the names of two friends were mentioned. The memory and memories evoked the good times. They were two souls gone before their time. Ending with the beautiful lighting of the candles in memory of those whom lost the fight but their spirits live on in the hearts of us ALL.

I also attended a similar service which was held in June in honor of those lives lost in the Orlando Night Club shooting Stateside.

Christ Cathedral is the only Church in Ontario that has an AIDS Memorial and lighting of the in memory candle and the signing of the remembrance book. Even though the memories may fade over our lifetime, we will always have the remembrance of our loved ones that we carry & cherish until where united once more.

For peace and solitude or for reflecting I found solace behind the magnificent old wooden doors of Christ Church Cathedral. And once again, I come full circle with this month’s Walkabout at the steps of Christ’s Church Cathedral.

In the spring the Art Crawl Makers Market is held in front of the Church on the second Friday of each month. Artists, Artisans and Craft makers come together to sell their wares. This years’ Holiday Makers Market took place on December 02nd & 03rd 2016.

For more information and for upcoming events & services visit  Until next month’s Walkabout, take care of yourself and those around you. Happy New Year to everyone and hoping all the best that 2017 has forthcoming. Cheers & Thank you!