Submitted by Ken Hirter

This months Walkabout finds me “Walking the Block” starting with the Lister Block where James Street North meets King William Street. I must say this has to be one of the best restoration and revitalization projects in downtown Hamilton, starting with the Lister Block, built in 1924 and beautifully and lovingly restored in 2011. 

Now over a decade later the restoration and revitalization continues along King William Street. It is the blending of modern with the architectural charm of yesteryear, where the late 1800’s to early 1900’s meet the 2020’s blending in perfectly with its surroundings. The “Old School Charm of Yesteryear”. It is where cafes, coffee and restaurants meet on King William strip which has a European look and feel of its own. King William Street is absolutely charming throughout the year. Spring and summer patio season brings the outdoor patios, their string lights, lighting the street as you stroll along the way.

My love of diners starts inside the Lister Block with The Electric Diner. The new kid on the block opened in 2022. It is a colorful cool retro throwback back to the 1980’s and a real blast back to the past, playing 80’s movies and music on the big screen, so cool. I must say, they do serve a delicious burger and shake.

At the other end on King William Street, you’ll find the John Street Diner. It’s an artsy nook diner serving a good ole homestyle breakfast. Their menu is written on a chalkboard. It’s a staple in Hamilton and my go to breakfast diner for many years now.

So get out and stretch those legs, set forth and discover the laneways, passages and pockets along the way. Checkout the Lister Block and the King William strip as you stroll about. I must say this street reminds of Gastown in Vancouver. Here in Hammer Town the only thing missing is the Old Steam Clock .

We will see where next months Walkabout Around the Block will find me.