By Ken Hirter

This month’s Walkabout finds me at the West Harbor GO. All aboard! Destination Niagara Falls. Away l went on the GO train. Here in the North End, August 7th, 2021 saw the beautiful, sleepy West Harbor Go station nestled by the bay come awake with Allday service to Toronto and service now to Niagara Falls.

I took my first train run this September. The beautiful east routes and the wonderful ride to Toronto Union Station on a Saturday afternoon – then Sunday west bound to Niagara Falls with stops at the old railway stations in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls was absolutely charming.  It was a day tripping kinda weekend and a memorable one. As l was leaving the old Railway Station in “the Falls” someone was tickling on the old ivories, playing on a hand painted old upright piano. ” A kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile.” (Casablanca, 1944 Bogart & Bacall)

Whether riding solo or with friends & family; going biking, hiking or out with your furry friends boarding the GO is the way to go.  Discover the trails, parks and festivals in a different City today. Enjoy the changing of the autumn leaves and travel throughout Niagara’s Wine Country scenic route to Niagara Falls or travel to Toronto and beyond.

Catch the fall festivals, markets dotting along the way and all aboard – toot, toot!

Travel on the GO train, with plenty of leg room, accessible washrooms, bike depot parking and free internet Wi fi. So cool!

For more general information, fares or schedules please visit their website at or call them toll free at 1-888-438-6646.

The West Harbor GO Station is located at 253 James Street North across from the grand, old CNN Railway Station now Liuna Station.

Hop, skip, jump and hitch a ride on the GO today and away you go. Cheers