By Ken Hirter

  This month I sat down and had an informative chat and a very insightful history lesson of Hamilton’s North End with Mr. Ed Fisher of Fisher’s Pier 4 Pub located at 554 James Street North. They are celebrating their 25th anniversary this coming November 2018.

Mr. Fisher was born in 1945 and formerly resided on the family homestead located at 469 Hughson Street with his two siblings. His family roots here in Hamilton’s North End date back to the 1930’s and his large family and extended family lived throughout the North End over the years. Between the ages of 10 to 16 he delivered milk door to door with his uncle. Then he worked at the A & P which is now Food Basics on Barton Street.

His love for politics and recalling the 1960’s was both insightful and informative: living through the McCarthy era to Martin Luther King and the Hamilton scene of the 1960’s and 1970’s. He recalled many fascinating stories.  He shared that his mom attended the old Bennotto School and he fondly remembers the Washington family who lived in his neighborhood. He recalls the North End being fitted with Draft House Hotels serving 95% draft beer in the 1960’s. To those who worked the docks, these were the meeting places to have a few drinks and they were a social gathering spot for many.

Fisher’s Pier 4 Pub was established in 1993 and is filled with many beautiful black and white photographs of Hamilton’s bygone era. With its warm comfortable family environment and setting it is also a place for Hamilton Bulldogs and sports fans alike. Truly a gathering place where all are welcomed and greeted with warmth.

The history of the building dates back to 1851. When purchased it had been in a dilapidated condition for about 100 years and was lovely restored from the ground up. Now, it is a place where “Food is where it’s at”. I can personally attest that their Fish & Chips are some of the best that I have eaten.

Ed and his family support many programs within the North End including the Welcome Inn Community Center. On July 14th 2018 The North Ender’s yearly reunion picnic will be held on the patio of Fisher’s. The North Ender of The Year Award is a fitting tribute to those in the North End with many old photographs and sharing the history of yesteryear. For upcoming calendar events at Fisher’s please check the back page of “The North End Breeze’s “YOUR MARKET PLACE.

I did ask Mr.Fisher what was his motto since childhood they are: “Be nice to people, it cost nothing to be nice to people, not a penny and not a nickel”. “Insight into the world, follow your Dreams”

The Fisher family was featured in the Hamilton Spectator last year to document the families GOOD FRIDAY meet up at Dundurn Castle and walk to Easterbrooks, Canada’s Second oldest hotdog stand that was established in 1931. What a wonderful yearly family gathering and beautiful stroll.

Ed Fisher is a proud father of two and a grandfather of three. I would like to wish Ed and his wife Eileen “Happy Anniversary” celebrating 53 years of marriage on May the 1st 2018.

Thank you Mr. Fisher for your time and the history lesson: “I tip my hat to you, kind man”.

“Till next month, take care of you and those around you” Cheers!