by Ken Hirter

Who doesn’t love art, from the splashes of color and the vibrance that unfolds in art, in a sculpture and the storytelling along the halls, walls & corridors? Let forth the imagination and the art installations take you inside this month’s walkabout and one of my favorite places to be, that place being the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH).

The definition of art:  the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. A few examples range from the Renaissance through Art Deco to the contemporary fine and modern arts of today.

A Brief History of AGH

Founded in January of 1914 and opening to the general public in June of 1914 in a building previously occupied by the Hamilton Public Library. In 1953 the Gallery moved to it’s new building on Forsythe Avenue in Westdale. A new gallery was built as part of the City’s Civic Square Project and opened in Oct0ber 1977 next door to the Convention Centre and Hamilton Place. It was designed by architect Trevor P. Garwood-Jones. The premise is over 7000 square meters spread out and flows beautifully throughout their 2 levels. 2005 saw renovations by Architect Bruce Kuwabara throughout the halls, galleries, coffee & gift shops. The beautiful Joey and Toby Tannenbaum Pavilion – a gathering place for events from films to the music is enhanced by the beauty of the sculptures and lights in the Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden next door. Hopefully will be up and operating to the general public again and artwork for purchase along the way too!!!

Today the AGH is home to 0ver 10,000 pieces including Canadian historical, international and modern art. The Gallery also presents outstanding exhibitions and provides accessible programming for all ages and interests.

Please note that of this writing the AGH is temporarily closed due to Covid19 restrictions, but provides on-line programming including tours, films, workshops and story times. For more information on these programmes and to register go to What’s On – Art Gallery of Hamilton (

Did you know, that the AGH has been ranked #9 of #168 things to do in Hamilton by TripAdvisor?

My fond memories of the Art Gallery of Hamilton are a few of the exhibitions that l have walkabout in 2019 including  “Around the Bay”,  “Hamilton Now” and “Milli: A Celebration of Style” to name just a few.

With March break moving to April hopefully the doors will once again be open, so bring down the kids or simply go solo with earbuds in play and once again walk the corridors of this wonderful museum in the heart of downtown Hamilton.

AGH and away we go back to the colors, vibrance and the art – all the beauty that art gives to ease these stressful times. This spring go out and discover the museums in your neighborhood, just remember to call in advance to see if they are open.

For general information:

The AGH is located at 123 KING STREET WEST.

Their website is

or you can reach them by phone at (905) 527-6610. Tickets range from $4 -$10

Till next month, cheers and take care!