by Ken Hirter

As promised, my walkabout column will be focused on the people, more than the places. What could be more fitting when “walking” through our community heroes than starting with one of our great inspirations?

Remembering the wonderful dynamic Pamela Townsley – Winter, who drifted off and passed away on February 01, 2018 with love in her heart.

Her family and friends gathered in Celebration of Life that spanned 83 years. A woman I affectionately called “Me lady” and tipped my hat to upon entering her room at Dundurn Place.

On the 13th of February her family and friends gathered at the Welcome Inn Community Center: a place she loved so dearly. She was a thoughtful community member, and very involved with the communities she cherished, always going above and beyond. That was our Pam.

Her treasured son Grant delivered a wonderful eulogy for his mother; her love and zest for life and her closing message to us all was to “Pay It Forward”. A wonderful sentiment and something we should all strive to do. Oh what a Wonderful World it would be. Thanks Pam.

Her wonderful daughter Gee went above and beyond with Pam’s Celebration of Life titled: Sweets & Treats that included an array of cakes, chocolates, pies and deserts galore. As her daughter was planning her mum’s send-off she affectionately called it “Pamalapozzo” I know that Pam was sitting up above holding court, enfolding her beloved Nan’s hand and the hand of her cherished son Gary. I indicated to her dear friend and soul sister Megs that Pam would have given her Red Seal of Approval. Megs & Pam, aka Ham & Eggs, shared many adventures during their long friendship together. Too numerous to mention!

The theme of the Celebration was red and with Valentine’s Day the next day, it was fitting for the lady in Red, our Miss Pamela. Amongst all the deserts were two round red cakes inscribed with the words “Rest in Pastry”, keeping the humor alive till the end.

There were beautiful memories and stories shared by some of the many and that they could fill volumes. These memories will live on in the hearts of countless people for years to come.

Pam also leaves behind her two precious granddaughters Payton & Elisa who affectionately called her Grandma Pin., her daughter-in-law Monique and her son-in-law Jim.

Many wonderful friends from the Welcome Inn Community Seniors Lunch Program, her inner circle of friends, colleagues and her extended family will miss her as well.

Pam wrote “The ELDERBERRIES” her monthly column in the North End Breezes, since 2003 and they will miss her spirit and contributions. The final Elderberries column in March will be her memoriam written by her friend Wendy Collins who steered that ship for many years.

A picture on the alter depicted Pam soaking her feet in the water. I envision Pam back at the Isle of Wight sitting on the White Chalk Rock by the Seaside Promenade drinking a glass of Elderberry wine and toasting us all. As the 19th century Lighthouse light guides Pam into the light, Pam says “Hey! Can I finish my Elderberry wine first”? That was our Pam. I want to thank her for guiding me into her light and her lightness of being.

Rest in Peace, Lady in Red. Miss Pamela Townsley-Winter, January 18th 1935 to February 1st 2018. Travel on little warrior and soar to your next adventure. “Keep on Smiling Sunshine”.