Just a reminder that The North End Breezes is taking a holiday! There will be no publication for the month of August but we’ll be back for September 1, 2017. We’ll still be available at office@northendbreezes.com and we will be able to upload any events you missed advertising on our face book page and on our website www.northendbreezes.com. See you in September!

In the meantime, we hope you are all enjoying a holiday as well. Have you ever explored wacky holidays? These are holidays that are celebrated on the books, but little known and rarely celebrated but certainly generate mirth, fun and whimsy.  Flying under the titles of Fun, Wacky, Bizarre, Trivial or Obscure, here are some of the holidays you COULD be celebrating this month:

July is Anti-Boredom Month, which is surely interesting for all the moms hosting out-of-school children who love to regale her with choruses of “I’m Bored!” In our house, we chose to classify the ‘B’ word as a ‘swear’ and those practicing its use were introduced to another word – CHORES!

July 1st, besides being our 150 Canadian Birthday, also is also International Joke Day. Joke Day is followed by some fun on July 2, such as Build a Scarecrow Day, I Forgot Day and World UFO Day.  Do these sound like jokes to you?

More fun days follow with National Bikini Day(5th), Sidewalk Egg Frying Day(4th), and International Kissing Day(6th).  The world’s record for longest kiss is over fifty-eight and a half hours! Now there’s a Smooch for you!

Some of the more interesting days are Cheer up the Lonely (11th), Embrace Your Geekiness Day (13th) and Cow Appreciation Day (15th). They say the latter is a very MOOOOving experience!

More appropriate might be to celebrate Global Hug Your Kids Day(17th) – but perhaps not, if they are into celebrating Stick Out Your Tongue Day (19th). Rather wait for Parent’s Day on the 23rd!

You could celebrate Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (27th) by taking a walk over to your Hammock – Oh Sorry!  Hammock Day is on the 22nd!

Maybe you could make plans with your block to celebrate your neighbors with International Day of Friendship on the 30th – or at least celebrate Mutt’s Day on the 31st.

And July is a great month to eat.  Foods celebrated this month also include days for:

Creative Ice Cream Flavors (1st)

Fried Chicken (6th)

Chocolate (7th)

Strawberry Sundae (7th)

Blueberry (8th)

Sugar Cookie (9th)