The Diocese of Hamilton has appointed an Administrator for St. Lawrence Martyr Parish

Dear brothers and sisters,

Given the recent clergy appointments published by the Diocese of Hamilton on April 20, 2018, The Pastoral Team wish to inform the Community of St. Lawrence The Martyr Parish, that Fr. Heinner, OMI will be leaving our community as Pastor of this Parish. Replacing him, Monsignor Douglas Crosby, OMI Bishop of Hamilton, has appointed Fr. Piotr Jurzyk as Administrator of St. Lawrence Parish. According to the clergy appointments, Fr. Piotr will take over the care of Saint Lawrence Parish on June 27, 2018.


“An administrator is a priest who has the same rights and obligations of leadership as a pastor. A priest is often appointed administrator of a parish if the previous pastor has died, retired or had to leave because of illness or another reason. An administrator reports to the bishop just as a pastor would but serves on a temporary basis until a permanent pastor is named.” (CL 521.3)

Fr. Heiner, in agreement with his superiors, is leaving this Parish to assume a new obedience from his congregation, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. He will be deeply missed and his departure will certainly be felt in the community, however we accept and understand his decision and the decision of his superiors. Fr. Heinner will address the parish in the coming weeks with more details about his departure, and his new adventure as Missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate.

We support Fr. Heinner with our friendship and our prayers as he approaches this new chapter of his life and we invite all members of the parish to continue to build our faith community as we prepare to welcome Fr. Piotr to Saint Lawrence The Martyr Parish.


The Pastoral Team

St. Lawrence The Martyr Parish has new a Parish Secretary

We welcome Keith Jolie as our new parish secretary. Keith brings with him many valuable skills and talents to serve our parish community well.

The parish office will now be open Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 1:00pm. We thank all of those who showed interest in this position. Keith can be contacted at the parish office or on Sunday after mass for any of your queries.

“Hello, my name is Keith Jolie and I’m looking forward to serving St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish as the parish secretary. I grew up in the Hamilton Diocese, living in St. George outside of Brantford, and my family have been parishioners here at St. Lawrence for the last 3 years. I’ve served in the past as a Eucharistic Minister, Lector and currently as a member of our Choir. I’ve also worked in Youth Ministry and while attending the University of Windsor I was very involved in the Catholic Student Association. My professional career has included roles in staffing, sales and management and most recently I’ve worked as a consultant. I look forward to continuing the great work that Patricia Le Blanc has been doing in the parish office over the last several months.”

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