Hello Breezes Readers, still socially distancing North End style?  I can’t wait for this pandemic to be done, but thank you all for the continued engagement.  We’ve had calls, emails and often figured out ways to meet face to face (depending on the Provincial colour codes of course).

I recently tweeted (@JasonFarrHamOnt) some great pics of the NEW Eastwood Park play structure project and soon heard back from our Breezes brass that this would make a good story.  So, story goes like this…

Eastwood Playground

In 2018, some of your neighbours signed up to take part in my one-million-dollar public budget excercise (where the people decide on the projects). With six neighbourhoods participating, the million was evenly distributing to the capital value of projects for each.  Roughly 156k in project(s) for each neighbourhood.

Two great ideas were submitted then successfully voted on for Eastwood Park.  New Playground Equiptment (for 56k) and Improved Washroom Facilities ($100k).

The kids could participate in the public budget and they were among the supporters to dramatically improve the Eastwood Park play area.  And while over the years your ward 2 office has helped freshen up play at Bennetto and St. Lawrence School, Bayview and the Harbourfront, Eastwood is overdue.  So, thanks to that public input here’s what the new play area will look like…

I am pleased to say that to make this vision a reality, we needed to exceed the budget for the playground by 146k.  In the end, this NEW play structure will be completed in mid-May for 200k.  As tempting as things get, play safe outside this construction until finished please.

Eastwood Washrooms (and Supie Hut)

Fortunately, following an assessment from City Facilities staff, we were able to determine that the enhancement for the Eastwood Washrooms would not cost 100k.  In fact, here’s a list of some of the tremendous improvements that focus on inclusion, accessibility and safety for all…

Electrical completed in the building (items such as):

  • Emergency lighting upgraded $500
  • Lighting upgraded $400
  • New baseboard heaters $300
  • New touch free hand dryers $600
  • Exterior lighting $200

Plumbing Completed,

  • Hands free flush toilets installed $800

Building Elements (completed)

  • 2 New Exterior doors Complete $4000

          Work to still be completed in Early Spring

  • Painting (early spring)
  • Interior painting $4,780
  • Exterior Paint $8,390
  • Floor Epoxy $2,000

Things are really looking up for safe play this summer and thanks again to for always sharing your thoughts on this important project and all the others.  Oh, and with that; you endured major road reconstruction on Ferguson last year, Strachan is next.  Keep this pending major construction in mind as you maneuver through the North End this year.

Until next time, Breezes Readers!

Councillor Jay