Hello Breezes’ readers and I hope you are staying safe!

I know this year hasn’t exactly started off the way any of us would have wanted as we continue to battle with Covid-19. So, I wanted to start off by thanking each of you for doing what you can to keep yourself, your family and your neighbours safe and healthy. Strong communities, like we are blessed with in the North End, continue to be our best tool in staying strong through this challenge. I know that you would also join with me in, once again, thanking all of those on the front lines and showing your appreciation for local businesses doing their best to serve our community.

During this past summer you likely noticed the significant construction along Strachan St. East. A special thanks for the engagement and the patience from those immediately impacted by the inevitable construction woes while we reinvested in Strachan Street, the sidewalks, the multi purpose trail and of course, all the underground pipes.
The long planned multi-modal path implementation along the south side of Strachan becomes our latest important Ward 2 link to the rest of our city’s cycling network. As well, we continue to add further protections to several kilometres of bicycle paths throughout the ward.

Ultimately the new multi-modal path meant that we now seek to relocate the nearby leash free dog run that area residents used along Strachan. There was some hope that once the construction project was concluded the dog run may still stay in place, but the soft run space has been reduced to too great a capacity. Therefore, I have directed Parks staff to engage with residents on a location for a new leash free dog run in the area. A survey has now been launched at www.engage.hamilton.ca where you can take part in helping us decide on that new location. The deadline for comment is February 8, 2022.

In the meantime, if you still want to give Rover a brief run at the traditional dog run on Strachan, I have requested and received a non-enforcement of the bylaw until the alternate location is in place. Also, I remain mindful of a longstanding conversation in the North End, and so, keep in mind that although referred to in the survey as a “temporary” dog park, it is my hope that we can do the work to get approval from residents, and ultimately Council to make it a permanent addition to the North End. Not just a leash free run, but a bona fide dog park with fencing and doggy fountain. The survey is available on line and I hope to move quickly to bring the new leash free area to life in short order after that.

It is also important to note that work has begun to complete Central Park by this summer and the new design of that park includes two leash free dog parks, one for smaller dogs and one for larger breeds. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to my office either by email jason.farr@hamilton.ca or by phone at 905-546-2711.

Looking forward, it is my fervent hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy and that we can quickly move out of this lengthy and challenging battle with the pandemic into a more positive and prosperous time for all of our wonderful North End residents. Until next time, Breezes Readers!

Councillor Jay
Ward 2 Office: 905-546-2711
Email: Jason.farr@hamilton.ca