Voting is easy and doesn’t take much time.  Different voices and opinions really do matter.  Many countries do not have the right to vote but we live in a country where we are encouraged to vote.  No candidate or party is “perfect”.  But each of us can have a say, with a vote.

To vote you have to be a Canadian citizen, 18 years old or older on election day, provide proof of identity and an address.  About 3 weeks  before the election, Voter Information Cards will be mailed out.

Many issues are being talked about in the lead up to the election, from climate change and pharmacare, to clean water for Indigenous people.  An All Candidate Meeting is the perfect chance to ask questions and compare candidates’ responses.

The following questions are not geared to a party or candidate, but to issues.  The questions were developed through discussion of issues at a meeting of the Canadian Federation of University Women –Hamilton.  At an “All Candidate Meeting” all the candidates can try to answer the question.  Ask one of these questions or develop your own question!

  1. If elected, what will your party do to address the need for infrastructure improvements to provide access to clean drinking water for First Nations Reserves in Canada?
  2. Now that Medical Assistance in Dying has been passed into law, what is your party’s position on widening access to this procedure?
  3. If elected, will your party implement a Universal Pharmacare program for prescription medication?
  4. If you are elected, will you support publicly funded childcare that is high quality, accessible, affordable, flexible and inclusive?
  5. If elected, will your party continue the funding for “It’s Time: Canada’s Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender Based Violence”?
  6. What would your party do to address the underrepresentation of women in skilled trades and non-traditional occupations?

A good source for more information about election issues is Macleans.

Most candidates will be going door to door with information and have campaign offices.

In Hamilton Centre we have Jasper Kujavsky – Liberals, Monica Ciriello – Conservative, Matthew Green – New Democrats, Jason Lopez – Green, Melina Mamone – People’s Party, and Tony Lemma – None of the Above, (which does not have status and will not be appearing on the ballot).  He is running as an Independent.

We wish best of luck and happy retirement to David Christopherson who has served Hamilton Centre since 2004.