I’ve always enjoyed the art of collaboration. It’s usually messy, frustrating and difficult although what comes out of it is something that is enjoyed, on a very base level, by more than just one person as well as that connection built between the co-creators. This is why I enjoy being a part of the Jamesville Community Hub. Its purpose is to support residents in the creation of their community building projects and to provide resources that help bring them to life. The Hub is itself a collaboration of service providers and residents that have been meeting together for at least 5 years now. We have supported a variety of different initiatives like community gardens, youth employment nights, soccer programs and the Sunset Cultural Garden.

We are a part of a bigger network of 10 other communities all under the Neighbourhood Action Strategy with the City of Hamilton and Hamilton Community Foundation. Because of their support we are able to provide up to $1500 in small grants to residents that want to take on a community building project. We also get to take part in Community Planning, a process of assembling ideas and solutions for issues that affect our communities. It might not sound pretty but it can help organize real change. Who better to address the challenges facing our community than the people who live there and how do you make it happen? Through organizing and planning.

The Jamesville Hub meets the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm on the 4th floor of Central Library. Everyone is welcome.

If you can’t make it out to one of our meetings, we’ll be hitting the road soon so keep an eye out for our listening station at your community centres and service providers. You can also contact us through email at jamesvillehub@gmail.com or by phone at 905-746-2382 we no longer accept fax or carrier pigeon.

Brandon Braithwaite

Community Developer