And just like that…..It’s Christmas! We’ve enjoyed the spring and summer months, done our gardening, had our vacations and prepared our homes for the cold and weather of the winter.

Our children are excited, our homes are being decorated and we are caught in the frenzy of preparing meals, buying gifts, baking and planning for THE DAY!

Perhaps you don’t celebrate the “holiday season” in the same way as your neighbours and friends. Perhaps you have your own traditions and beliefs or perhaps you prefer to celebrate at another time of the year. December 3 is the end of Hanukkah, Dec 21 is the Winter Solstice (a promise that light will come again!) December 25th is Christmas day and the 26th is the beginning of Kwanzaa. No matter your traditions, people are preparing for the season in some way or another.

What is the purpose of all this preparation and celebrating? Is it respect for your fellow man, support for those that provide a service or a business, enjoyment of the wonder in our children’s eyes or an appreciation for the beauty of the season.  These are the things we should be celebrating all year around. Like all holidays, this season is all about celebrating traditions, creating new ones and loving family and friends.

On behalf of The Board of Directors and The Breezes Publication Team, we’d like to extend our wishes for a peaceful and joyful holiday.