(Submitted with the help of Sheri Selway)

One day I scampered out the door to wander around! I love wandering. I am so beautiful that people notice me and point. At least I think it is my beauty! I usually wander around and come home but today, I wandered too far because I followed another animal that was also black, with a white stripe. (It smelled bad!) But I went too far and I got lost!

But I wasn’t too worried. I know how to handle myself outside. I can catch small critters, chase birds and beg at people’s houses. Remember, people notice me. I would go to a porch, sit and sleep and when someone came home, I would MEOW like I was singing! Often I would get patted and sometimes I would get food!

I wandered all around Macaulay Street, but I couldn’t find my home! But I THOUGHT I knew how to care for myself. I kept chasing squirrels and ran away from dogs. I sometimes found food in garbage, but it wasn’t the same. I missed my family! THEY would feed me and I loved to sleep on their bed! So warm.

It started to get cold. I liked to go onto porches and sleep because it was warmer and I felt a bit safer! I would still MEOW, because I was hoping for yummy food!

What I did not know, was that the people on the street liked me! They watched me and wondered where my home was. They talked about the cold weather and worried about me. One day those humans decided that someone on the street should take me inside! How cool was that! But…. I still wondered where my old home was.

My new house was nice. The humans were nice to me. They FED me! Yummy! And I slept nice and warm on blankets, or sometimes on their bed. But I was a bit lonesome. They seemed to be gone a lot. But I just wandered around. It was quiet, warm and safe. When they got home, we played!

Then suddenly, one day, they put me in a funny place, like a box but I couldn’t get out! I meowed and meowed. I tried to get out. THEN, I was outside and inside one of those things that got down the street but don’t have feet. Weird! (It was a car!)

And I found myself somewhere else. They let me out again. Another house! And I had food, and a safe place to sleep. All the humans were patting me! I didn’t know it but this was going to be my new home! Finally, I got used to it. I had food that I liked. I think I started eating a lot! And a nice warm place to sleep. And this human left a mug of water on the table one day. I just assumed it was for me, but she yelled and wouldn’t drink it! I don’t know why!

Another thing I found out later was this human found a note on a telephone pole about a lost cat. (That was me!) She phoned and MY humans came to this new house! WOW!

They stayed for awhile, patted me and watched me because I am beautiful and cute. The humans talked A LOT! Then they went away. They let me STAY at the new house. I like it here. I look out the window, run around, chase toys and eat and sleep! I feel glad that so many humans were nice to me.

Sheri Selway helped Logan write this true story. She is very thankful that Logan’s previous owner let her keep Logan! And happy that all the people on Macaulay West are such good neighbours!