Hey its Hunter with teen’s corner once again. How was everyone’s Halloween, did you all get a lot of candy. I have a lot of friends that love Halloween. I really like it but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite holiday. Some of my friends made me go out and trickier treat, some of you might have seen me I was wearing like a Robin Hood thing and I was caring a bow.  I didn’t trickier treat as much as my friends. I probably did a house for two they did. I’ve been looking in to joining the reserved forces. If you don’t know the reserved forces is the army but not.  Two of my friends are thinking of joining to. It doesn’t seem like a bad part time job. I haven’t been going to pathways as much as I should be but I’ve been playing a lot of DND. I like DND because I can be something I’ll never be in real life. Hopefully it’s not affecting my marks in school. I know for my chemistry it isn’t I got a 90 on a test so I think I’m doing ok in that class. I should know how good I’m doing sometime next week because mid-terms come out. I think I’m doing pretty good no teacher has said otherwise. I still like school.  This year seems to be going by fast. I never listened to the people that said it feels you’re in high school one day and the next thing you know you’re taking your next step. This has been Hunter with teens corner once again hope you all have a good month.