submitted by Kit Darling and the members of the Bay Area Book Club

♫ Summertime, and the readin’ is easy…♫

The Club doesn’t meet over the summer, but that doesn’t mean that we stop reading. So here are some recommended reads available from the Hamilton Public Library. To borrow one or place a reserve, go to  .

All Together Now by Alan Doyle  Doyle, Great Big Sea’s frontman and musician, actor and writer, was born in Petty Cove, Newfoundland.  In his book, All Together Now, he asks the reader, “Why don’t we imagine we are in a pub—all together now—and the stories are flying?” And what humorous and entertaining stories they are.  Stories from his childhood, his adventures while touring in foreign lands, and from his experiences as an actor. As these stories unfold the reader cannot help but being drawn to Doyle’s outsized personality filled with sincerity, self awareness, humor, and modesty. A great uplifting read. Paige Turner

The Dig by John Preston  This exciting, beautifully written novel is based on the 1939 archeological dig that took place at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk as England is preparing for WWII. Basil Brown, a local archeologist, is invited by the owner of an estate, the widow Mrs. Pretty, to excavate several earthen mounds on her land. Little did they suspect the enormous historical impact and magnificence of what Basil found or the turmoil, controversy, and ferocious academic and legal battle that it would unleash. Author John Preston keeps a grip on the reader’s attention by vividly describing the sheer excitement of the discovery along with the foibles and emotions of the people involved in the dig. Paige Turner

City of a Thousand Gates By Rebecca Sacks  The Washington Post review describes this as “an imperfect book, unbothered by a few loose ends”. Sack’s debut novel about the lives of people affected by the Palestinian and Israeli conflict does serve as a good introduction and makes the reader ponder her statement that “all nations sustain themselves on violence” .Her cast of characters are Jews, Arabs, mothers, teachers, students, soldiers, wives and husbands. People trying to navigate the business of living in a country possessed with fear and obsessed with the power of control. Her characters are varied and have unique voices that reveal opposing perspectives about the complicated and painful truths about life in Israel today.  She successfully brings the characters and their stories together without judgment. A tense and emotional read about the eternal sorrow of an endless conflict. Paige Turner


Note: The bookmobile will be at Eastwood Park on Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:00. There will be no access to the bookmobile to browse, but staff will be on hand for contactless returns and holds pickup.

Have you read any of our recommendations? Liked any of the same books we talked about or disagreed totally? Let us know at  .