By Alissa Denham-Robinson

In 1964, a North End Christmas tradition was born.  A lot has changed since then, but 53 years later, St. Lawrence Church continues to bring the community together for a night of fun at its annual Turkey Roll.

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without hearing the sound of Joe Wilhelm calling out “Riggy dig on the jiggy jig!” to get the room’s attention, and then there’s the sound of the wheel as you wait to hear your lucky number called.  This year, there were 50 turkeys, 50 hams and 50 LCBO gift cards ($25 each) available to be won; and organizers spared no expense.  To quote the evening’s M.C., “the turkeys are so big, they have saddles on them”.

At draw time, the parish hall was full of veteran Turkey Roll enthusiasts, along with many new faces wondering how it all worked; including a few who swore that their friends had said Turkey “Bowl” and they had come to witness frozen turkeys being thrown down the church aisle.  It only takes one spin of the prize wheel to quickly get the idea and then you’re hooked!

Whether you go for the prizes, the comradery of a fun night out with friends and family or you’re only there for the tasty beef on a bun; Turkey Roll is always a great night out and a perfect way to kick-off December; while helping to support the St. Lawrence Parish community.