By Michelle Ferrara

Everyday people come to see me looking for assistance for their loved ones: in-home assistance, retirement or assisted living, Long Term Care and all the info in between as to ‘how it works’. Parents may be ill, have limited mobility, limited ability in grocery shopping and making meals/feeding or dressing/toileting/diagnosis of dementia or another major issue-or just can’t manage on their own.

There are Crisis Lists, regular lists, transitional beds, convalescent beds and respite beds. The ‘planners’ give lists to call around for info/make arrangements- ask the right questions or you won’t get the info. What about the fees-what fees-doesn’t the Government pay?!  Um…no-only some of it and only LTC. Keep them at home… cost it out over the months and years and you realize the money will not last to keep pace-it’s staggering!

How about updated wills, and what about POA-power of attorney for health and for property-and the wishes of your loved one in case of health crisis or death…it is surprising how many people over 80 have never discussed these items and do not have their affairs in order.  What about the basic info-do you have a list of Dr.’s and Specialists, medications, medical issues?  As we head towards winter and the ‘season of illness and crisis’ my suggestion is the old Boy Scouts motto: Be Prepared! Get the info, wishes, details and write it all down and take heart that you are in good company. xo