By Michelle Ferrara

The amalgamated City of Hamilton is ‘the City of Seniors’.  93,000 people are over the age of 65 and  Super Seniors at 85 and older are up 55%,  with the population of older folks  to double over the next 20 years…lots of road between now and then!   I am looking at an election with many hot-button topics: LRT, Public Transit and transit costs, opioid crisis, infrastructure deficit, roads maintenance, waterfront, policing and public safety…and on and on.  What I am not reading or hearing about are issues directly impacting Seniors.

As of June/18, 2840 people are waitlisted for LTC, and 303 people on the ‘crisis’ list.  30% of working adult children with parents over 65, have full time jobs and 27% of Hamiltonians commute out of our area to work…who is taking care of the elders-especially those with no family or on waiting lists?  Specific issues for Seniors include supportive housing, free/low cost transportation, support/training/resources/funds for Caregivers, easy-access to information and programs.

Seniors are a significant population in our City-use your voice to VOTE, ask questions about who is working for your best interests. Adult-children:  ask what is being done for significant needs of the elderly and those who are trying to care for them. VOTE!