Submitted by Ken Hirter

As we say goodbye to the Summer of 2018 and usher in the first day of Fall l had the pleasure to cover the McMaster Sailing Team Regetta which was held on September the 22nd 2018 at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club located at 555 Bay Street here in Hamilton’s North End.

I met up with Caroline Murdock, a second year Kinesiology student and a lover of sailing since she was a child. I asked her “why do you love sailing”?  Her answer; “Freedom of the Water”

This program has been around for a few years now and has been affiliated with the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club for the last few years with various forms including fundraising events to raise money for their sailing boats, equipment and for their uniforms. The relationship between the RHYC and the McMaster Sailing team certainly creates a sense of Community. It is  typically a short season from September to November every weekend and then it is back to the books.

As we boated out to meet the team members on the water l wrote down these questions to ask team members to better understand their love of sailing: • MISSION • VISION• PASSION • DRIVE

MISSION: What is your purpose? “To look towards improvements and to increase the McMaster Sailing team experience”. (Ross Murdock, with the team since the fall of 2014, sailing advocate and brother of Caroline)

VISION: What is your concept of sailing? “It’s a lifelong sport to continue sailing and to have a passion for the sport.” (Cameron McDonald, currently a Sailing instructor coach)

PASSION: What makes you enthusiastic about sailing? “It’s to teach youth on the outside and that it is rewarding”. (Elizabeth Marr)

DRIVE: What is it that leads you to sail? “It’s for the Competition for the win…..putting the pieces together for the win”. (Berg Ellemers)

The common thread that brings this group of the Mcmaster Sailing Team together is that all of these students have been passionate about sailing since childhood.

I want to especially thank Caroline Murdock for taking me out and teaching me the “Art of Sailing 101” as the sailboats navigated across Hamilton’s beautiful Bay. She indicated that Hamilton has one of the best Sailing facilities.

I want to thank the students Ross, Cameron, Elizabeth and Berg for their contributions to this interview. They would ALL like to thank to this years’ sponsor AGROZAFFIRO LLP and the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. Your love of the sport was quite evident today……good luck with your upcoming Regattas. Cheers to “Happy Sailing”