In January, the Bennetto School community was saddened to learn of that Alberto Cammaro, the crossing guard who patrolled the corner of John and Ferrie Street, had passed away suddenly. While all crossing guards are an important part of maintaining a safe school community, Albert was known to many as much more than just a crossing guard. Albert was a friend to the community, who went above and beyond the standard job description. He knew many of the children by name, and he’d never leave the corner until even the latest child walking down the street had crossed safely. On the occasion when a child would go home with a different family member than usual, Albert would check to be sure that the child was ok. He was always concerned about the speed that cars would drive through the school zone and he even personally lobbied the city to step up safety and traffic calming measures on John Street.

Albert will be remembered fondly for the years making our neighbourhood a brighter and safer place.