Randle Reef

Construction work on the Engineered Containment Facility at Randle Reef has made excellent progress, with installation of the sheet pile walls that form the outer perimeter of the facility last season. Work will resume in the spring. HPA is proud to be an active part of this project, providing project management expertise, along with a $14 million contribution to the project budget.

You can find out more information about the Randle Reef project, and follow its progress at www.hamiltonport.ca, where we post a daily progress photo of the construction work. The Bay Area Restoration Council is also an excellent source of information about this project, at www.randlereef.ca.

Energy Conservation

HPA is always looking for new opportunities to reduce hydro consumption, on new-build and retrofit projects. We work closely with Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon) to identify projects that will reduce the Port’s environmental footprint, and lower hydro costs for our tenants. Since 2010, we’ve implemented 58 energy-saving projects, saving 9 million kWh of electricity!

Green Marine

HPA and several of its tenants are members of this environmental program. Green Marine’s goal is to go beyond basic regulatory compliance to make a significant difference in organizations’ environmental performance. Measures that affect air, water and neighbouring communities are independently verified and transparently reported. You can view annual reports for HPA and tenant participants on the Green Marine website: www.green-marine.org .

Green Community

HPA is proud to work with community partners on a number of grassroots-level initiatives:

With the help of volunteers from Port companies, we host an annual litter cleanup, reaching several locations across the north end.

As a bike-friendly business, HPA provides facilities for employees and visitors to our head office. We also sponsor a local SoBi bike hub, and provide in-kind warehouse storage space for SoBi bikes awaiting deployment.

And we are excited to provide financial support for a number of public gardens and neighbourhood greening projects, including the Sunset Cultural Garden at Bay and Strachan, the NHCHC Learning Greenhouse and the RBG’s Rock Garden redevelopment.