Opening of the Seaway

We are counting down the days until the start of marine shipping season! The Welland Canal is scheduled to open March 19 and the Montreal/Lake Ontario section is scheduled to open March 22. Did you know that the Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Seaway is the longest inland deep-draft navigation system in the world? Every year ships deliver more than 230 million MT of cargo worth over $77.4 billion on the seaway.

Safe Boating in Hamilton Harbour

The 2021 shipping season is just around the corner and we would like to remind local recreational boaters about safe boating when navigating around commercial vessels in the Hamilton Harbour. Hamilton port is the busiest Canadian port on the Great Lakes, with over 650 vessels transiting the port every year.

Did you know that it can take a commercial vessel 1-2 km to come to a full stop? Large commercial vessels will have fixed routes in and out of the Harbour and if you hear 5 short blasts of a horn, that means DANGER– a ship is nearby.

A few safety tips to remember:

  • Stay clear of commercial docks and slips
  • Stay clear of large commercial vessel, they may not be able to see small boats, and are unable to turn or stop quickly
  • Never pass between a tug and tow