Introducing HOPA Ports

Following its amalgamation in June, the Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority had a unique opportunity to reposition itself. The Port Authority sought a modern brand and visual identity that would resonate in Hamilton and Oshawa, and convey its evolution into a progressive maritime industry leader.

“The look and feel of HOPA Ports extends a brand reputation we’ve been cultivating for years.” said Director of Public Affairs, Larissa Fenn. “It captures our identity as an integrated, effective port manager and transparent community partner.”

New Electric Vehicle Charging stations at 605 James St. N

Aside from a few key locations, a recent report found Hamilton ranks last in the number of eclectic vehicle chargers per capita compared to 18 other similar municipalities.

An ongoing internal conversation, prompted by staff who have invested in EVs, led HOPA Ports to invest in charging stations at its office. Two ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations (CT4000) are now operational and have the capacity to charge four electric vehicles at once.

Three of HOPA’s employees (approximately 5 per cent of its workforce) now own and commute to work in electric vehicles. Other staff walk or cycle on a regular basis. A new indoor bike lockup for staff has improved the active transportation option.

If you are in the North End and would like to use our charging stations, you’ll see the spaces in our parking lot marked just west of the building in the upper parking lot.