Have you Heard the Buzz?

Hamilton Port Authority has partnered with urban beekeeping company Humble Bee, providing space to install 12 hive boxes at a new bee yard adjacent to Sherman Inlet on the port’s Pier 15.

The Sherman Inlet bee yard will be used as a breeding location for queen bees. The waterfront location and the distance from other beekeeping activity allows for a more isolated breeding ground with greater control and quicker results.

The new bee yard is a compliment to the Port Authority’s first pollinator garden, also located at Pier 15. Planted last year in partnership with the Pollinator Paradise Project, the garden is part of HPA’s goal to create a corridor of native plantings that provide food and shelter for pollinators like butterflies and bees as they travel across the port lands.

The port lands are uniquely suited to contribute to a pollinator corridor in north Hamilton, because of the ability to create native planting nodes across the port’s 630 acres.

Don’t bee afraid!

It is important to remember that honeybees are non-aggressive due to the fact that they can only sting once and only sting when they feel that their own life or their colony is threatened.

The hives are located well within the port’s secure perimeter, so once the hives are installed the bees will be more or less invisible.